Gift of beauty, kindness & gentle wisdom: Heather Wolf’s workshop at Hollyhock for adults and youth

A beautiful workshop is coming up at Hollyhock.

Immerse yourself in the practices of folk fermentation and herbalism— living arts passed through the ages by cultures the world over. Through play and hands-on experience, learn to make a wide variety of vegetable ferments, brews, herbal elixirs, and medicines. Open to the magic, healing, science, story, and song of these important wisdom traditions.

Folk arts live in the collective, are passed by way of the people, and belong to everyone and no one at once – expressions of living culture in all respects. Fermentation and herbalism are central spokes in a great wheel of these traditions, with near endless manifestations throughout the world, including dance, song, story, theatre, art, food, healing medicine, ritual, ceremony and celebration. By connecting to one of these strands of folk wisdom, one is instantly drawn into the kaleidoscope of culture. Likewise, this wheel of folk tradition emerges directly from human relationship with earth and cosmos, held within the cyclic spiraling of time. The practice of these arts is the foundation of healthy living culture, instilling wellness to all levels of individual and collective being; they integrate us into relationship with ourselves, our relatedness, and existence itself.

Heather Wolf comes from a background of immersive study and practice in a wide variety of world folk traditions: herbalism & healing, fermentation, mythology & ritual arts, dance, music & theater. She is Co-Founder of Iggy’s Alive & Cultured, an artisanal raw-fermentation company based in the South Salish Sea, on Bainbridge Island. As Founding Brewess of Iggy’s Honeybrew Kombuchas, her formulations are inspired by old world herbal tonics. She has a deep reverence for the magic of fermentation, plants, bees, the healing alchemy of herbal brews, and living culture.

Instagram @heatherwolf

TUITION: $545 CDN / 5 nights (meals & accommodation extra)