Wolfwomen Collective is Heather Wolf, Linda Wolf, Genevieve Wolf and Talina Wood. Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower each other by sharing interviews, videos, photographs, poems, stories, recipes, resources, and whatever comes to heart to support teens and adults to feel fully connected.


This blog used to be Teen Talking Circles. Linda Wolf is the founder of Teen Talking Circles and the Daughters Sisters Project and Development Director of Circle in Truth, the new home for TTC and DSP and a larger container for programs, trainings and educational opportunities.

Teen Talking Circles was founded in 1993 by Linda Wolf & K. Wind Hughes. In 2018 TTC birth a new mother organization, Circle in Truth, a organically grown nonprofit 501-c3, founded on the principle that we are hurt in relationships and we are healed in relationship. CIT offers Talking Circle Facilitator Trainings and educational programs. For more information about Circle in Truth and Teen Talking Circles contact Jeny Rae Vidal at jr@teentalkingcircles.org.


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