I Am a Full Woman

It is International Women’s Day today! And what better way to celebrate than to watch Linda Wolf’s truly inspiring video, “I Am a Full Woman.” Celebrating the inherent dignity of all women, inclusive of culture, race, color, shape, size, age, religious affiliation, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, abilities, & life experience.

The song “Full Woman” inspired this video and was graciously donated for use by the composer, Rachel Bagby. For more info about the dream that gave birth to “Full Woman” go to ez.com/fullwoman

3 responses to “I Am a Full Woman

  1. I just watched this. As a man, it touched me. It reminded me of a scene in the book and movie The Cruel Sea (I think). The British ship is recovering the enemy survivors from a German U-boat they’d just sunk. As they hauled them up over the side, someone says something along the lines of “My God, they’re just like us”.
    This video really hit me with that sense that you women face that same challenge to fit in to being a woman as we men face to fit in to being a man. No matter how much I’ve known that – this video really moved that understanding up a notch.
    Thank you.


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