Welcome to the brand-spanking new Teen Talking Circles blog. We’re so excited to share all the news about Teen Talking Circles, what we are up to (there’s a lot going on!) and where we are going next. You can find us all across the social network stratosphere these days, but if you want to know the up-to-date information, check here first. We will be posting often!

Star (assistant to Linda Wolf and TTC admin extraordinaire)

One response to “Welcome!

  1. Good morning, on this Bainbridge Island, October 6th, softly lit grey day. I woke up thinking how much I love life. I’ve been the ED of TTC since 1997, when we became a nonprofit, and was birth mother with Wind Hughes back in 1993 when we began Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, our 1st book based on our first weekly girl’s circle. Since then, with the support of so many angels, a small group of us, mainly family and passionate friends, have held TTC together as she’s grown organically through ups and downs, thin times and flowing times, divorces, marriages, births, deaths…today, I feel deeply grateful to say, WE’RE STILL HERE! nearly 20 years later. And we’re entering a new phase…2012…with Star, Genevieve, Alicia, Georgia, Jonathan, Brooke, and Eric at the root with me riding the balmy and stormy days like a desert flower, shrinking and expanding with the rains. Jump into the center, and join our movement for a world of people who are feeling, compassionate, just, conscious, inclusive, determined, open, kind, caring, loving, and healthy. There’s room for us all. Stay tuned in to TTC and let us know how YOU feel. Join us in a circle, for a training, workshop, retreat, cup of tea, fundraiser, musical event, art opening, heart opening…you matter to us. Have a great day, no matter how it goes – Remember, our wounds are our gifts, everything has meaning, there’s always multiple perspectives… big love, linda


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