Puget Sound Community School – How we honor and love teens


Over eleven years ago, Wind Hughes and I were doing a reading of our book, Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, at a bookstore in Seattle. Just before we began to speak, a gaggle of girls full of life and excitement and a couple older women entered the room and took seats. Their vitality and energy were clearly apparent. Their faces were alight, eyes wide, ears open and totally attentive to hear what we would say. In fact, they stood out from all the others in the audience. These were girls from Puget Sound Community School, I later learned as they encircled Wind and me at the end of the reading, wanting to learn more about how they could create a Girl’s Talking Circle in their school. They shared that PSCS was all about supporting students to bring what they yearn to learn and do into the school day. Clearly, these were students who loved their school, and felt empowered by their teachers and administrators to bring new ideas and opportunities to the student body and they would be met with just as much excitement for what they are excited about by them. That blew my mind. The girls did get their circle and as I heard over the years, it went on for quite a while. What happened, tho, is far more important. The process of circle grew at PSCS to be integrated into all parts of the PSCS school day. We were just a part of a greater organic process and are so proud to have been part of this unfolding power-with education that PSCS offers. Which is why we have invited Andy Smallman to bring a student to speak to our patrons, supporters, and tribe and share about Puget Sound Community School and how fantastic this school is in all ways. We hope you will join them and come learn about many of the programs we support as well as learn more about Teen Talking Circles. The event is November 18th at the Ruins in Seattle. Click on http://www.teentalkingcircles.org/awaken 


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