Rachel Bagby’s Dream: Full Woman

We are honored to have Rachel present, in person, the story behind the music for I Am a Full Woman, and to share her life with us, at our upcoming benefit November 18, at the Ruins in Seattle.

I first met Rachel by phone, after my book, Daughters of the Moon, came out. She called me to tell me how much she loved it and to share that she had just released her book, Divine Daughters. I fell in love with Rachel from the moment I heard her voice; resonant with heart and soul.

Years later, my great friend, Leah Green, founder of Compassionate Listening Project gave me Rachel’s CD, Full, for my birthday. OMG, what a gorgeous CD. I couldn’t stop singing I Am a Full Woman, one of the tracks, in my mind, like a mantra strengthening my self-love for years. And it became the only music that made sense, inspiring me to share my images of women and create a project around my photography, to support women world wide, which has now been seen over 17,000 times since it’s release in January.

On November 18th, Rachel will share about her dream, and we will show the video, as our final presentation of the evening.

With love, linda

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